Let's Go Fur-Wheelin'TM.

ScooterPals™ is a whole new species of mobile entertainment! Our huggable, loveable, squeezable, scootable Pals are bursting with personality and on a mission to bring scooterrific fun to everyone. More than just a ride, these ScooterPals Fur-Wheelers are a full-fledged animal attraction and an adventure to remember. There’s never a dull moment when you roll with the ScooterPals Crew!


Check Out the Newest Crew at the Zoo!

Join the ScooterPals for a new species of scooterrific fun. You won’t find a cuter scooter, so grab a Pal & let’s go Fur-Wheelin’!

Meet The Pals.

Flip each card to learn more about each lovable member of the ScooterPals crew.

Scoot the Dog


From leading the pack to embarking on exciting escapades, this loveable pup is all about breeding joy, laughter and friendship. Let Scoot be your trusty guide, and you'll have a paw-some pal for life!


FAVE COLOR: Blue (like the bright sky on a sunny day)

LOVES: Sniffing out new adventures, howling with laughter & having a doggone good time

Reya the Giraffe


Beneath that stylish façade lies a very big heart. Fun, friendly and free-spirited, Reya is a real stand-up pal who is always down for a good laugh, a tall tale or a meaningful moment.

FAVE COLOR: Green (because she likes to keep it fresh)

LOVES: Laughing, dancing, dreaming & keeping her head in the clouds

Kozēe the Bear


Kozēe’s warm personality and high-spirited attitude make this spunky cub a constant source of amusement and entertainment. Get ready for some good-natured fun as you frolic with your furry new best friend!


FAVE COLOR: Red (like delicious, juicy berries)

LOVES: Foraging for fun, playing pranks on pals & snuggling up for nice long naps

Nyx the Leopard


Nyx is always on the move, pouncing on every opportunity to discover new places. With a powerful presence and fierce passion for action, this big cat brings big fun and an even bigger purr-sonality.


FAVE COLOR: Onyx (just like Nyx’s sleek, dark spots)

LOVES: Spotting cool destinations, stopping to smell the rosettes, enjoying the nightlife & bringing that big-cat energy

Rex the Lion


Rex takes pride in being the king of fun! With his huge appetite for adventure, this alpha explorer is delightfully debonair and always ready for a roaring good time.

FAVE COLOR: Gold (because it reminds him of the beautiful plains)

LOVES: Taking naps, sinking his teeth into thrilling new experiences & being the big mane on campus

Sarge the Rhinoceros


Though seemingly thick-skinned, Sarge’s easygoing spirit balances out that rough and tough exterior. This hard-charging party animal has a real nose for excitement and will have you saying RHI-NO to a boring time!


FAVE COLOR: Beige (because it’s practical, that’s why!)

LOVES: Working out, getting mud treatments at the spa, crashing with friends & getting right to the point

It's Easy. Just Rent & Roll!

Seriously simple. Seriously secure. You can go from zero to rolling in no time at all.

Choose Your Pal

Whether you want to roam around with Reya, get krazy with Kozēe or let Nyx navigate the way, the choice is yours. There's a Pal for every personality.

Scan The QR

No apps to download. No clumsy paperwork to fumble with. Just scan the QR code, complete the quick, secure online form and you're ready to rock.

Get Scootin'

Adventure waits for no one, so what are YOU waiting for? You're all set. It's time to saddle up, hammer down and go, go, go! C'mon and get your roll on.

Roll Like a Rockstar.

Fun for All

Don't let those cute faces fool you, ScooterPals are undeniably cool and irresistibly entertaining for all ages and sizes. They can also seat up to two people for double the fun!

Flexible, Timed Rentals

Whether you want a quick thrill or a full day of fun, you can have the time of your life for as little or as long as you choose thanks to our easy, safe and secure GoRoll™ rental technology.


An Engaging Attraction

Talk about a showstopper! The ScooterPals are a whole attraction unto themselves. Whenever the Pals roll through, people start gawking and crowds come flocking.

Friends with Benefits

With our battle-tested scooters, innovative GoRoll™ system, trusted SafePod™ courtesy lockers and robust partner programs, ScooterPals is more than just a rideable, it's a full-fledged guest experience.

Comfort, Safety & Fun. All in One.


Dual-Passenger Seating &
Safety-Seat Switch

Irresistibly Cute Face 

Comfort-Ride Technology

Awesome Tail

Strong, Stable Chassis;
Holds Up To 450lbs

Durable Extended Foot Plates

Ride Guide

Easy Start, Intuitive Controls &
Adjustable Speed Settings

High-Quality Fabric & Stitching

Suuuuper Long Battery Life

Suitable For Outdoor &
Indoor Use

Plushy, Padded & Extremely Comfortable

Roll over each hotspot above to check out all the fantastic features our ScooterPals Fur-Wheelers are packing.

That's How We Roll.

It’s always a wild time when you’re rollin’ with the ScooterPals. Fun, friendly, photogenic… what more could you ask for? Check out these latest pics of the Pals in action. And don’t forget to post/share the best shots of you cruising with the crew to be included in our Friend Feed and for a chance to win a mini ScooterPals plush animal!

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